About this Experience


There are no chance encounters

You spot me from across the room. You can’t help noticing me. And I can’t help noticing you, noticing me.

What caught your gaze? (Was it a curve of milky skin, electric eyes, the intermittent flash of lingerie?) I imagine that you know what you like when you see it-- and this makes me curious. What are you into lately? What is inspiring you? Where do our fantasies intermingle… what uncharted erotic territories can we explore together?

This is what I love: the project of living ecstatically, creating secret sensual worlds together, and sharing with you the voluptuous, delicate and profound pleasure of making one’s life a work of art.

And there is a world of depth to be explored when there are no formal responsibilities or strings attached.

Our Tryst

During our date, I prefer to let a sensual connection unfold naturally. I like to seduce, tease, and slowly build you up. I love a traditional dinner date or a similar outing, creating an atmosphere in which we can get to know each other on intellectual and sensual levels, slowly becoming the focus of each other’s affections.

Over cocktails, you'll find that I like to engage, I enjoy the art of conversation. That I am curious, eager to discuss politics, art, philosophy, as well as emotional, psychological depths. You eye my designer ensemble, stylish and feminine, sharp but sexy-- appropriate for the most upscale NYC crowd.

This is the realm of the senses: aesthetics and atmosphere are its key. It’s the curve-hugging skirt, the meticulous care I give to my appearance, but it’s also wine, candles, an entire constellation of elements that create a dream-like setting with all those details that seem to consecrate our desires.

Let Go and Let Muse:

One of my favorite poets, Shiller, said that the animal passions are what awaken and develop the spiritual drives. For him eroticism was a form of knowledge, a way of knowing both oneself and the other. By indulging in this, we invest the world with wonder and emotion, and we remember what makes it valuable, worth loving. 

Through eroticism you can re-focus and gather inspiration. A respite from the routine of work and duty, and a return to a sensual realm where no evening is like the one that precedes it. It is through the joy of eroticism that we can sustains a life’s work, after all erotic is only another word for what we love. 

There are no chance inspirations. And now you’ve found me.

The magic of the muse is to bring focus and clarity. By kisses or by imagination-- but it’s best when she can use both, she ignites the aura of the artist in whomever she touches.  It is from these reserves of pleasure and joy that we find the energy that feed our projects and dreams. (Here, “the artist” is someone who rationally explores their passions and passionately knows their reasons-- a union of the unconscious and reflection that makes for poetic living.)

What at first glance seemed like a collection of unrelated details now comes into focus. A peek of lingerie, full breast, glowing pale skin. The flash of my eyes. As if those eyes know there is much the future has reserved for you. After all, the life you've led so far doesn't need to be the only one you'll have.

Does your world again feel vibrant and colorful-- or are you just dreaming?

But surely, the only thing worse than not realizing your dreams is to have never dreamt at all.