Because wishing is essential to living

  • Feel free to peruse my frequently-updated Net-a-Porter Wishlist for coveted shoes, bags, lingerie, and outfits I am dreaming up.
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  • And an Amazon Wishlist exclusively for Music-- here you'll find my all time favorites, the albums I am itching to own on vinyl!

White roses, peonies, and orchids are my favorite flowers and I am always happy to receive gifts of wine, scotch, mescal, or tequila.

My go-to spas in New York are Aire Ancient Baths and Great Jones Spa. I go to Mario Badescu for facials and Primp and Polish for mani/pedi. I am addicted to Catbird in Williamsburg for their cozy home items and simple jewelry.


Outfits: XS or S: 2 US or 36 FR /Lingerie: 32DD size small underwear/ Heels: 6 US or 36 FR