How would your friends describe your personality?

I’ve heard I come across as vibrant, engaging, dynamic but also surprisingly grounded, logical, articulate. Friends have told me that I am playful, vivacious, and inviting but I’m also contemplative and intuitive. Comfortable sharing silences, I’m a natural listener.

What is your idea of happiness?

What I like best are those moments of feeling both unraveled and yet gently secured: that calm amorphous intensity found in dancing, fucking, loving, similarly altered states.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

To be driven by certainty rather than beauty.

I saw that you are a writer and you come across as somewhat cerebral online-- but what are you like in bed?

I am a writer because is a form capable of pushing life to its edges in terms of expression and intensity-- but the space of sexuality is far better in that, with is geometries, is just as intense and much more fun.

I love to seduce, to elicit desire. For me, the space of sexuality is trance-like: hypnotic, creative, feral, curious, present, fluid. I like being in my body, moaning, purring, writhing into choreography in caressing, and kissing. I’ve always been someone whose orgasms come easily, and as easily multiply. I like to get lost in pleasure while keeping a reign on the direction of the sensual flux, constantly remaining attuned to the pleasure of the other.

Your main vice?

Hedonism. The need to be caressed, loved, spoiled.

Your favorite qualities in a man?

Tenderness, warmth, emotion, generosity. A fullness of spirit. Charisma. A sense of poetics, with the slightest tinge of the macabre. Silliness.

Your favorite qualities in a woman?

Eccentricity. Humor. A preference for easy yet deep conversation. Knowledge on a variety  of topics. A sense for adventure.

Are you into any kinks/fetishes/BDSM?

Most of the sex I have is vanilla but I do like to spice things up. I consider myself a “switch” though I am a natural in a more assertive role, and love to drive a sensual encounter. My style in this can be very femme fatale, warm but naughty, playful. Whether I’m being dominant or submissive, I also I love to play “director”: setting up the scene, getting into the right mindset, and transforming fantasies into reality.

What is your favorite scent?

The way skin smells after a day at the spa, new leather, my cat’s fur, nail polish, perfume on a forgotten sweater, honeysuckle on a summer night, panties after a date.

What were you like as a kid?

My parents were progressive and open-minded and encouraged me to read, question, and to really feel secure about myself. They taught me to value kindness, compassion, and human affection. I was a very curious and dreamy kid who loved to draw, read, and imagine. I was dramatic at home and a little shy at school.

Where would you most like to live?

From time to time: a dimension in which I could stop time and read all of the books.

What’s your favorite way to indulge?

Throwing all-girl lingerie parties in hotel suites. Going out dancing in warehouses in Brooklyn. Champagne brunches with other girls in this “lifestyle”.

How did you get into all this? What do you think of it?

Consciously and after much research, I left a promising career in media (magazine/web) to explore this path. My hope is that I will be able to do something I honestly love for “work” while having time to read and write in a way that is more personal and faithful to my aesthetics. So far, I’ve waded into my creativity, sensuality, and adventurousness  in surprising new ways. This was a wonderful decision.

I saw that you read tarot. Can you read mine? What’s your favorite card?

Yes! I can read both astrological charts and tarot.

The Star has to be my favorite card.  It’s about clarity in the aftermath of the storm, creative abundance, new growth and inspiration. In The Star, we see a beautiful woman, nude in the moonlight, pouring water both onto the earth and in a creek from two vessels. As a card it simultaneously represents dreaming and waking up. Being and becoming. Living and creating.

Your favorite quote?

“The whole world began with a yes” -- Clarice Lispector

Favorite prose authors?

Marcel Proust, Georges Bataille, Jean Genet, Jean Rhys, Elena Ferrante, Anais Nin, Mary Gaitskill, Clarice Lispector, Jaques Lacan, Jaques Derrida, Luce Irigaray, Albertine Sarrazin, Mary Ruefle.

Your favorite color and flower?

Like most romantic girls, I think roses are the perfect gift. And like most romantic girls, my favorite colors are those in sunsets.

Your favorite food and drink?

I like rich savory dishes and anything adventurous. I especially have a carnivorous streak: steak, ceviche, tartare, seafood, sashimi. I love good scotch, wine, sake, and any tequila cocktail that comes garnished with a jalapeno.

Your favorite way to spend your time?