Are you ready to follow me deeper?

It's up to you how far we'll go...

Traveling is a way of re-focusing, of finding renewed passion and sense of fluidity.

After growing up in a woodsy rural setting I set out to see as many cities around the globe as I could. Traveling became a source of self discovery, opening my eyes to the vivacious life I longed to create. Now, domestically settled in New York City, I find that getting away remains necessary for tapping into inspiration.

Seeing new stars on the other side of the globe unlocks something new within. I love remembering that in the Southern hemisphere the astral sky is completely different than at home. The adventure alone feels enchanted.

After all, the life you've led so far doesn't need to be the only one you'll have.

All patronage for travel-dates, including "fly me to you" engagements, is available per request. Don't be shy about just asking.

While I have no problem leaving you at the helm of our relaxing get-away, I can also be a "planner" by nature and am happy to assist in all details of location, lodging, entertainment, dining and etc.

I am passport-ready and eager to explore. A get-away or accompanying you on a work trip. Just say when.

And for fun, here is my Travel Wishlist, always under construction and nowhere near complete. This list includes places I've been (and love) as destinations I'm dying to visit. Have any tips for spots you think I'd enjoy? Do tell.

International Travel Wishlist

  1. I've somehow never been to Greece, even though I've been eyeing hotels there for years. Let's look for Atlantis in Santorini and take a visit to the Acropolis.
  2. Staying Up All Night in Tokyo: Japanese whisky at Zoetrope, one of those nightclubs with the mirrored floors, karaoke, a 24 hour onsen bath house. And some of the best food in the world. What more could we need! (Only thing that tops this trip is adding a second destination: Kyoto.)
  3. A chic hotel night in Paris. I adore the city of lights but I've yet to experience a real world-class hotel in Paris. Room service and a bubble bath at the Ritz in Paris, where Coco Chanel once lived, might be in order. Or something along those lines.
  4. The Paris I know (and love) is all food and nightclubs. But one club I've yet to experience is Silencio, David Lynch's Paris nightclub. Any other film-buffs up for a Lynchian disco fever-dream?
  5. You show me your London and I'll show you mine? In a city rich with history, I cheekily introduce you to a hotel containing the "Cora Pearl Suite", a boudoir once belonging to Cora Pearl, the world's most famous courtesan, circa 1910's, in London. Bonus: A perfectly shaken "Dukes Martini" at Dukes Bar in London. (Just the beginning to our night.)
  6. A visit to the opera in Milan. (In Milan I also know where to find the best pistachio gelato, in all of Italy.)
  7. A dusky peep through Vondelpark in Amsterdam, where public sex is allowed but limited to "evening hours only".
  8. Living the resort life. There's nothing like hopping on a plane and, a mere few hours later, feeling the tropical warmth on your skin. A weekend excursion (even for a few days) is enough to feel refreshed, whether it's Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos, or one of the many beautiful resorts in Mexico. Non-resort sidenote: I have always wanted to take some photos a the iconic seashell house in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. (A sea-shell mermaid-inspired bikini will be necessary.)
  9. Which city in China to visit first? Hong Kong or Shanghai? I've heard the food in Hong Kong is amazing. But I hear Shanghai is good too, and I bet the food is even better after a glass of champagne from a bathtub that overlooks the entire city, in a room like this one. (How could it not be!)
  10. Renting a car is my favorite way to travel through Europe and hit multiple cities/countries along the way. But what if we did it in classic style? Imagine driving an Aston Martin DB5 through the hills of Monaco, my hair blowing out of the window.
  11. Waterfront Italian Romance: Lake Como, Amalfi Coast, or the Cinque Terre: Which is your favorite beach destination in Northern Italy?
  12.  Experience the energetic and unique nightlife in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.
  13. Thailand: Between the street food and upscale restaurants, the beautiful resorts and wild beach parties (like the Full Moon Party) I'm not even sure where the adventure starts or ends!
  14. A visit to Peru, where the national dish is ceviche (a personal favorite food) but the title for "best cevicheria" is hotly contested: We'll need to sample each of the best.
  15. Extended Beach Vacation with a luxe swimwear change packed for each day. Rio de Janeiro? Caribbean? Spain? Hawaii? Southern Italy? On which white sands should my half-naked body lay?
  16. A stay at the Maison Souqet in Paris, a 1920's upscale brothel turned luxury hotel. Each suite is named for a legendary courtesan. Bonus points for pre-partying at Crazy Horse.
  17. Vodka and caviar at the epic Caviar Bar in St. Petersburg Russia, home of the world's only vodka sommelier. Also necessary: A visit to  Dostoevsky's house museum.
  18. Visiting the Hemingway House in Cuba. Or visit the Hemingway House in Key West, FL. Paying Respects and petting the 50 cats roaming the ground, all descended from Papa Hemingway's maine coone.
  19. Staying up all night in Berlin. (I'll handle getting us into the clubs.)
  20. Barcelona, Spain. See a lot of Picasso, eat a lot of fresh seafood and catch live music.