Sample Post: The Little Mermaid


New York is a very special place. Its energy imbues even a normal day with the scintillating feeling that anything could happen. So on Saturday, as I packed a penthouse with a view of Times Square lights with my closest girlfriends to celebrate my birthday, I was excited to find out what would transpire in the very special city on my very special day. 

As I previously teased on this blog, the evening was poised to be a bacchanal. The party's theme was naughty nautical and I switched the venue last minute to the largest room at The Royalton Hotel to be able to accommodate all the girls dressed in sexy sailor suits and flowing, sequined mermaid tails—plus the 55 bottles of champagne we would be toasting with late into the night. (Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fun!)

I greeted my guests in a pink, Swarovski harness bra that framed my breasts—which were coyly covered with Swarovski pasties—and a sparkling pink tail. (Ask me next time you see me to show the videos! Lol.) Each girl who walked in was somehow more stunning than the last and suddenly the suite was filled with gorgeous women.

A champagne-induced haze fell over the penthouse and it was like we were in a secret underwater grotto. Everyone was drinking dancing. I flirted around the room, caressing every sultry sailor's yacht cap and every mermaid's shell. I locked eyes with a girl who was dressed as Sailor Moon and let her know I appreciated her interpretation on the theme by tugging at the bow on her shirt and giving her kiss.

As the night pulsed on, I ducked into the bedroom to change into something a bit more comfortable: A red, lacy Maison Close set. When I came out to reveal my outfit change, I was immediately dragged back into the master bedroom by Nikki and Isabelle. They claimed they wanted to see the lingerie in better lighting, but they really just wanted to take it off me…

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