Sample Post: After-all these are perilous times, astrologically speaking and otherwise... 


It was either just panties or just a bra, Isabell and I were lying half-naked in bed, I don't remember which. But knowing us it must have been the latter. Whenever given a choice between lingerie cuts that featured “tits-or-vag out,” we were always in agreement on opting for vag-out. “Tits out or vag out, you gotta choose one," it was a girl-world-philosophy. 

We were half naked, skin warmed by the afternoon sun, lazily scrolling through our phones. In this tranquil reverie one of us gave out a little noise, calibrated just to peak the curiosity of the other.

Was it a need? Neither us knew we had this kind of need need and yet there was its satisfaction, shining on the I-Phone screen: crystal dildos. Beautiful smooth precious stones, made into the shape of sex-toys. Crystal dildos, that as I looked over at Isabell with her legs half open, I wished I had in my hands, running the crystal up her thigh, slowly, gliding it over the perfect arc of her ass, a golden peach, like the sun dripping into our room. 

It was for torrid afternoons like these that these sex-crystals were surely made for. 


Didn’t we need them? After-all these are perilous times, astrologically speaking and otherwise. Could it do the whole world some good, perhaps, if more of us spent whole afternoons in a haze of orgasms, clad in silky pajamas lighting some sage, just two girls worshipping each other with their crystal dildos. 

It was this sentiment I expressed on Twitter, along with a link to Chakrubs, the speciality high-end crystal-dildo shop of choice, and just like that, as though spell had been cast, a pair of amethyst and rose quartz suddenly appeared in my pretty little hands.

The amethyst Chakrub was thick and heavy with beautiful holographic purple flecks, while the rose quartz was long and perfectly, tenderly shaped. 

If only you could see what happened next… 

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